Balancing: Work, Training & Play

Since I started training for the New York City marathon in March, I began to realize how much time preparing for a marathon requires. In order to “live life” and still fit in the time needed to train, I made a decision to live the most balanced life possible. I started by carving out time I knew I needed for both long and short runs throughout the week. Since I work a forty hour week, I had to get creative with scheduling my runs while still making time for friends, family and my job. Below, I included a breakdown of how I prioritized my routine to fit in the miles needed.

1. Utilize Mornings: Making time in the mornings for working out is a great way to fit running into your routine during the week. Getting runs out of the way in the morning will allow you to have your evenings free to make time for friends, family or extra time needed for yourself. Exercising in the morning will also allow you to start your day off energized and on a strong note.

2. Long Run Saturdays: The weekends are the best time to get your long runs in. During the weekend, you do not have to worry about time constrains like you do during the week with tight schedules. Since I started my training, I decided to dedicate my Saturday mornings to my long runs. Getting my run over with in the beginning of the weekend allows me to still have the rest of the day and night along with Sunday to make social plans. The run also sets the weekend off on a great note since I always feel energized after running. I also love going to dinners on Friday night to fuel my Saturday run.

3. Plan social gatherings ahead of time: Making social plans early on will allow you to schedule runs to accommodate the plan. For example, if you know you have a birthday party for a friend on Friday night, plan your long run the day before on Thursday or on Sunday to allow yourself to sleep in on Saturday. Having solid plans made throughout the course of your training will guarantee the balance you need to keep your social life in order while still making training a priority.

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