Workout with Aaptiv!

Are you a fan of workout classes but have trouble fitting them into your busy schedule? If so, Aaptiv is the perfect solution for you! This is a fitness based app that offers a large variety of guided workouts including strength classes, yoga, meditation, running classes and specific training classes for races (5K to marathon training). Once you download the app, you can use the code RUN30 to get a free 30 day trail. I recently started using this app during my runs and absoluetly love it! Since I’m currently training for the NYC marathon, I use this app to help guide my runs and stay on track.

So far, I tried this app on long runs along with short distances and find that my training is much easier to get through. This app includes a trainer that guides you during the run based off your mile time. I actually feel like I’m in a group setting when using this app and love having the trainer motivate me through my workouts. In addition to the guidance, these classes also include music providing that extra boost needed to power your runs.

I recently got this helpful graphic below from Aaptiv that can be applied to runners of all levels. This chart starts by taking the proper steps to prepare for a run. The first portion in this section is focused on nutrition. Prior to endurance days, it’s important to carb load and drink coffee to get the energy needed to sustain long distances. On sprint days high carb, low fat and low fiber foods should be consumed a half hour prior to running. In addition, it’s just as important to wear the proper running gear including moisture-wicking socks and the correct sneakers. An ab routine should also be incorporated into your regular running routine to add stability and strength to your core.

During your run try focusing on your form. This includes relaxing your shoulders, gently leaning forward and striking the group with the middle of your foot. When planning your schedule, try running at night since lung function is 6% stronger in the evenings. Also, remember to breath through your diaphragm to fill your lungs to the capacity with air. Lastly, stay positive when running and set realistic and achievable goals for yourself.

After your run, try foam rolling and yoga to improve flexibility, release muscle tension and increase your range of motion. Also, refuel your body with high protein foods including veggie omelettes, protein shakes, yogurt & fruit, chicken, veggie stir fry with beans & legumes. Once you’ve taken these steps, also plan to get the proper sleep your body needs to recover and heal.

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  1. Jim October 17, 2017 / 3:57 pm

    I’m happy with walking again. you’re doing great tho! keep going sweetie. you can do it!!

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