Holiday: Runner’s Wish List

It’s that time of year! The holiday season is here which means the air gets colder, the mood is brighter and we finally get to ask for those exciting gifts. If you’re anything like me, the holidays tend to flash by leaving you with little time to stop and think about what you truly want. This year I decided to take some time and create a list that suits runners and lovers of fitness. I hope these topics spark some good ideas to add to your wish list!

New Sneakers: Let’s face it, you can never have too many sneakers especially if working out is part of your regular routine. This is a perfect time to ask for those dream shoes that are a little above your normal price range. This gift will allow you to start the new year right with a fresh pair of kicks. Click here to see the sneakers I asked for on my list!

Classes or Gym Membership: I personally love classes, however, they add up quickly. Asking for classes or a new gym membership will save you money and create a feeling of accountability to make working out a priority. My favorite running studio I’ve tried this year is The Mile High Run Club and would totally recommend this to other runners.

Workout Apps: Many elevated fitness apps today are subscription based which could be a great gifting idea. One that I personally love and received as a gift this year is Jillian Michaels. This program provides the user with customized workout plans, a meal tracker and grocery list. It’s like having a personal trainer with you all week!

Cold Weather Running Gear: This is a great gift to ask for if you try to get away with wearing regular hats, gloves and scarfs when running. Having athletic performance gear will add that extra layer of warmth needed on especially cold days. This gear will also give you the additional motivation needed to get out there in the cold. Click here to see some great options!

Races: Having a loved one pay for an upcoming race in the new year is a great way to start 2018 with goals and motivation. This gift will also save you money since races can add up especially if you race multiple times within a year.


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