Goals: Daily Decisions

In my previous post I talked about goal setting for the new year. Over these past few days, I had a chance to pay closer attention to my daily choices and the impact they have on my life. For example, waking up just 15 minutes earlier gives you extra time to eat breakfast before getting ready for the day. Time management plays a big role in achieving goals especially if you carefully plan your day mindfully.

When thinking of a large goal it can seem overwhelming at first, however, if broken down into smaller steps it seems more manageable. After writing them down take time to reflect on the small actions you can take in your daily routine to turn your dream into a reality. Once you identify what these steps are you can schedule them throughout your week to align with your current routine.

Eventually, these actions will become habits and you will be making more progress than expected. I started using a calendar to write down my daily tasks for the day that I want to accomplish. This can include going for a run, writing a blog post, signing up for a race etc. These small actions add up over time leading you to achieve what you set out to do for this year. Good luck!

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