Early Week: Motivation

We all know that dreaded feeling when the alarm goes off on Monday morning. The first thought that comes to mind is “how many hours until I can go back to sleep!?” This transition from weekend luxury to an aggressive work week can be a tough one especially during the cold winter season. Monday may never be an easy day for you, however, if you take the proper steps to prepare it can be easier to manage. Below, I included a few of my favorite tips.

Pick your outfit the night before: As simple as it sounds, picking your outfit out the night before will allow you to have an few extra minutes in the morning that make a big difference. Monday mornings are already hard enough and removing this extra step when getting ready will make it much more bearable.

Bring your gym clothes with you to work: If you plan on going to the gym after work, bring your clothes and go straight there right after you get off. This will eliminate the step of going home first which could result in excuses to skip your workout. Having your gear with you adds an extra sense of accountability.

Plan your favorite lunch: As silly as it may sound, my lunch gives me something to look forward to at work. Plan on bringing or buying one of your favorite lunches to give you something to be excited about early in the day. It truly is the little things in life!

Dress for the weather: NYC winters can be brutal and there is nothing worse than a freezing Monday morning commute. Plan to wear layers and heavy fabrics to keep the cold away and to make your commute less of a drag.

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