Weekend: Workouts

The weekend is a glorious time to decompress from the stresses of the work week while spending time with your family and friends. Many would say they enjoy relaxing, sleeping in and taking a break from the normal scheduled demands. While this is all true and should be taken advantage of, working out should also be made priority during your time off. Getting a good workout in sets the mood for the weekend and allows you to fully enjoy your time with energy and a sense of accomplishment. Below, I included some tips to make your weekend workouts more manageable.

Realistically plan: Before the weekend comes, take into consideration what plans you may already have. Once you figured out the time you have available, schedule your workout in before or after your plans. Knowing ahead of time when you’re going to workout will ensure that you fit your gym time in.

Go with a family member or friend: Making plans to hit the gym with a partner will give you extra accountability to fit your workout in. This will allow you to spend more time together in a constructive way. Also, going with another person will help you switch up your regular routine. Working out in a group will allow you to learn new workouts to add to your own regimen.

Listen to your body: After going through your full week of workouts, your body may be sore once the weekend comes. Carefully listen to your body and adjust your workouts according to what you can handle. It’s also just as important to rest and take care of yourself. Your weekend workout can be slightly less intense than your regular weekday workout to balance out your routine.

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  1. Jim January 14, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    woo hoo! I take a lot of inspiration with trying to take better care of myself from you. 🙂

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