Running: Proper Form

There are plenty of thoughts that cross our minds during a run. For example, how many minutes left, what song should I play next, am I staying on track with my speed? These thoughts can flood our minds, however, one important aspect of running to really pay attention to is your form. Proper running form can improve your lung capacity, increase your overall range of movement and provide stability your body needs. Below, I included some tips to help improve your form and to have the most effective runs possible.

Keep your back tall and straight: It’s easy to become hunched over in your stride. When you’re feeling tired, this is a common position your body falls into. Instead, try keeping your back straight and tall. Not only will this help your overall form, it will also increase lung capacity allowing you to take in more oxygen when running.

Pay attention to your stride: As you run, pay close attention to your stride and where your feet are striking. Taking strides that are too long can cause injury so ensure your foot hits the ground directly below the knee keeping the strike close to your body.

Pump your arms: I’m sure this isn’t the first thought when thinking of running form, however, your arm motion plays a tremendous part in the overall stability of your body. Hold your elbows at a ninety degree angle and swing your arms straight forward and avoid crossing over your body. Your arms should also bypass your hips when running. In addition, your fists should be loosely gripped and relaxed.

Relax your shoulders: As you start your run, keep a conscious effort to relax your shoulders. Naturally, when your body feels the strain of pushing yourself during a run the shoulders become tense. Keeping your body relaxed and being mindful of this tip will prevent injury along with unnecessary pain.


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