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After a vacation or long weekend, it’s normal to feel like you strayed away from your normal eating, exercise and health routine. Once returning home it takes a few days to get back into your schedule, however, you can jump start the process by detoxing. Making this decision will purify your body from toxins and help you get back on track quicker. Below, I included some quick and easy solutions to help you bounce back and detox this week.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Otherwise known as ACV can be found at most grocery stores. There are many benefits some including regulating blood sugar levels, lowering high cholesterol, improving digestion and your skin in addition to detoxing. As a warming, this product has a harsh taste so I suggest making this drink with 1 to 2 tbsp of ACV mixed with a glass of water with a small amount of lemon juice and honey. This combination will help minimize the bitter taste and making it easier to drink – I promise it’s worth it!

Lemon Water:  This is an easy remedy that only requires lemon juice and water. Lemon water helps with digestion, hydration and helps prevent colds since it contains Vitamin C. You can easily make this drink by simply squeezing fresh lemon juice or pre squeezed juice into a glass of water. This is a cost efficient and an easy way to detox after a few days of being off track with your diet.

Green Tea: Many of us drink green tea on occasion or when we’re looking for an alternative for coffee. It provides the caffeine to wake you up and the comfort of a warm drink. This tea is actually loaded with benefits in addition to detoxing your body. Some include anti-aging, weight loss, lowered blood pressure and increased memory. Ingredients in green tea support your natural ability to cleanse itself which aids in the overall process of recovering from your time off.

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  1. Simon February 22, 2018 / 4:02 am

    Those are some useful detox ideas. ☺️

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