New Week: Motivation

Monday is here which means a new week is upon us! This can be a bummer to some, however, if you look at it through a positive perspective it can be viewed as a new beginning. Start this week on a strong note and prepare for it the right way. Below, I included some quick tips that can help make your week manageable and productive.

Create a To Do List: Prioritize your days by creating a to do list on Sunday night. This will help ease any anxiety you have for the upcoming week. This list will also help organize your thoughts in a manageable manner. Break out your tasks between 5 days and your to do list seems less intimidating.

Make a Weekly Goal: To challenge yourself, make a weekly goal you promise yourself you will achieve. Visually seeing the goal in front of you will make you much more likely to accomplish it. Keep your goal realistic with what you have on your plate for the week. Your goal is something that should add to your week not create extra stress.

Plan Your Workouts in Advance: Planning your workouts ahead of time will ensure your schedule works around the days you want to exercise. If you don’t plan ahead in this way, you’ll be more likely to skip the gym since it was not a priority to begin with. On the days you plan to work out try bringing your gym clothes with you to work to add a sense of accountability when you leave.

Early Mornings: If you have a really busy week and have a lot to do, plan for two early mornings. Waking up an hour earlier while you’re fresh can help you finish those tasks that you otherwise do not have time for. This extra time in the morning can also be used to go to the gym before you start the day.

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