Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Spring time has arrived which means it’s that time of year to clean out your room, house and closet! I recently did a purge of my closet and donated most of my old clothes and belongings to the Good Will. It was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders! I now have so much room left over for extra storage I needed. I also feel less cluttered and at peace in my space. Even though it’s worthwhile to do, the clean out process can be challenging. It can be difficult to part ways with items that have meaning and value. Below, I included some tips on how to properly clean out:

You haven’t worn it in a year or two: This is a safe timeline to base your need of keeping an item. We have that “I’ll wear it someday” mentality and then it ends up taking up space for way too long. Instead of throwing the item away, ease your mind and donate it. This will make you feel less guilty and will provide you will the security that someone will make good use out of it.

It doesn’t make you feel confident: There are plenty of outfits in our closets that just don’t do it for us. Most likely there’s a bad memory tied to the article of clothing or its not flattering. If these feelings resonate with you when pulling the old thing out donate it! Your clothing shouldn’t make you feel anything but happy and confident.

Rips, tears or worn out: Any clothing that is damaged should not take space up in your closet. Toss out anything that falls into this category especially old shoes! Over time, make a plan to replace these items with new ones that make you happy. If you have old sneakers, there are plenty of programs you can donate to which will make you feel better about parting ways.

Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose: If you’re anything like me, you may be tied items that reflect memories. This was one of the hardest things for me. I came across my old back pack from middle school and I felt like it was a piece of little me, I know ridiculous, right! I took a moment to reminisce and then decided to donate it. It held memories, however, it wasn’t doing anything for me but taking up space. Take a picture of it before parting ways so you can reflect.


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