Reducing Everyday Worries & Stress

As we go through our days and weeks, the obligations of to-do lists and responsibilities can easily weigh us down. Over time, this plays a toll on our lives and can affect our relationships, health and quality of life. It may seem like our problems are unescapable, however, if the proper steps are taken we can ease our minds of these burdens. Below, I included some tips on how to live a more peaceful and calm life.

Create a Priority List: My first tip when overwhelming thoughts begin would be to create a priority list. This will allow you to see everything clearly laid out in front of you with what has to be done. You can then start planning your day more efficiently by tasking yourself with what you know you can handle for that day.

Take Breaks: After getting organized and starting work, I suggest taking breaks after long periods of concentration to clear your mind. This time away gets you out of your work setting and allows you to reset. After work, I try going to the gym or for a run before going home. This totally clears my mind and allows me to be more productive. Your breaks can also include dinner with a friend or family member. Having conversations about different topics is healthy to take your mind off of what’s bothering you. A simple ten-minute walk during the day can also help with this.

Be Proactive: It’s also important to keep in mind that worry and stress only make the situation worse. The best approach you can take is one that involves action. Focus on doing everything in your power to fix or help the problem and then let it go. Love yourself enough to understand you can only do so much to improve or help change a situation.

Create Peace: This looks different for everyone. Personally, I find peace when I pray during difficult problems. Other people may take a long walk in nature or read a book to find peace. Whatever that may look like for you, make time for peace to be a priority in your life. This idea of centering yourself will help you think clearer and will allow you to be more productive.


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