Fun Early Summer Activities

This weekend marks the kick off to summer and I couldn’t be more excited! After a long winter, the warm weather truly feels like a miracle. This is my favorite time of year to make plans, spend time outdoors and enjoy the company of good friends. I’m beyond ready to get out there and make the most of this beautiful season. Below, I included some of my favorite outdoor activities to plan during early summer.

Camping Trip: Want to break away from the stresses of everyday life? If so, this is the getaway for you! A camping adventure is the perfect escape to totally change your element and give you a mental rest. Breakout your tent or stop at your closest sporting goods store to pick one up. This time away will give you precious moments with your loved ones in an environment away from televisions, distractions and social media. As you cook your dinner over a bonfire and gaze at the stars this time will bring you back to enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Hiking Trip: This is the prime time of the year to get your hiking shoes on and explore a wooded wonderland. Nature is in full bloom giving you that lush green and floral landscape that completely surrounds you. I suggest getting a group of people together since this time is a great bonding experience. It’s also an ideal way to get some exercise in especially if you pick a trail that’s steep and rocky. Two of my favorite places to hike are in Beacon, NY and in West Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. These landscapes are truly breathtaking and will make all the work worthwhile once you trek to the top!

Beach Trip: How could we forget about the beach? It’s the best time of year to go before it gets too unbearably hot out there! Plan a fun day trip to breakaway, read and spend some quality time relaxing. Pack your favorite lunch and give yourself permission to make the day all yours. Be sure to bring a comfy beach chair, umbrella and your favorite reads to maximize your sandy lounge zone.

Backyard Fun: Take advantage of the warm weather and start a project in your yard that you haven’t yet made the time to do. For example, build a fire pit out back that you and your friends can hang out around. Maybe start a garden as a hobby and spend time outside maintaining it while enjoying the early summer breeze. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas to spruce up your backyard and make it an enjoyable space for everyone to hang out.



  1. Maggie May 25, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    Lovely post! I haven’t yet gotten to visit the beach, but I have a feeling that opportunity will be coming very soon. 🙂 I agree, backyard activities are a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

    • Carissa Rea May 25, 2018 / 8:06 pm

      Thank you! Yes, outdoor activities this time of year are great especially the ones in your own back yard 😊 I’m making my first beach trip of the year this weekend!

      • Maggie May 25, 2018 / 8:10 pm

        You’re welcome! Definitely 🙂 Aw that’s awesome!

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