A Thankful Heart Makes A Happy Life

“Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy.” – Jefferson Bethke

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! One of my favorite topics of all is thankfulness. First off, let’s start by being thankful for Memorial Day. Today is a special time to remember all those who gave their lives in military combat. Without these brave individuals, our world here in America would be a completely different place. Military service is something that can be easily forgotten about as you go through your daily routine with your job, families and obligations. Take a moment and think about your life, you have freedom! Be grateful that you can dictate your own life path. Also, anything that’s bothering you right now take a step back and be happy regardless of your circumstances. That sounds crazy right? Well, not really. Think about your job for example, instead of focusing on your problems remind yourself how fortunate you are to have a job and a source of income. Some people would be thrilled to have that form of stability. Maybe it’s your kids or family members causing turmoil. Be thankful you have these people in your life! Others wish they had extra years with loved ones. Take a moment to realize these blessings. Don’t take for granted food, water, shelter, loved ones, a source of income – all these things are truly miracles and when you see them from this light it’s hard not to smile.

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