The Secret to Lasting Friendships

“There is nothing like a really loyal dependable good friend. Nothing.” – Jennifer Aniston

This quote is so true and really hits me. Right after reading this, a few of these friends popped into my mind instantly. These are the friends who you would basically consider family. There are people in life who are happy to spend time with you when things are going well, however, it’s the friends that help you when things aren’t so pleasant that are really true to you. Make an effort to reach out to those friends today just to catch up and tell them you’re thinking about them. These people are very special and can totally change your world when you need it most. Let’s also try to emulate this description and be there for others who really need it. When your focus is on others instead of yourself, you often find yourself happier and deeper rooted in your friendships. A true friend places your needs above their own and genuinely shows love in this way.

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  1. Miss B Blogz Thingz Over... June 20, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    I agree! You may not believe me but today I write a similair piece about this topic. Awesome post I totally agree we need to appreciate them 100%

    Miss B.X

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