I might be engaged tonight?

“Don’t forget, next weekend we have plans for dinner at Peddler’s Village!” says Adam as he drops me off at the train station where I start my trek back to New York City. Puzzled since this was a bizarre comment coming from a laid back planner, I know something is up. On the dreaded Sunday night train back to Astoria, I ponder this comment wondering if this dinner plan was the actual “plan”.  Trying not to get overly excited, I place this thought in my back pocket for now.

Thursday rolls around as my co-workers start asking about weekend plans to take a momentary break from their to-do lists. This question quickly pulls me from my world of reports and back to my spinning thoughts about our “dinner plan”. I couldn’t wait for my turn to come so I could verbalize my prediction. “Carissa, what are your plans?” says my co-worker. “Well this weekend Adam made these plans with a couple we’re close with to go out for dinner and he NEVER get this excited about plans. He’s so diligent about this dinner and I think he’s going to propose!” As I speak, the words become real making me more anxious about what’s to come.

Rushing back to the train Friday night, my stomach turns with butterflies knowing I would face Adam again. How was I not going to act suspicious around him? Saturday is now here which meant the night of the “dinner”.  Adam, a former Marine, of course plays it way too cool. At lunch his mannerisms are smooth, comfortable, and easy like velvet. I was wrong I think. All this worry, stress, and excitement I built up was for nothing. “Duh, how could you jump to conclusions?” I think. As the day progressed, I go home to get ready with many mixed feelings.

The roar of Adam’s truck pulls up to my drive way and my heart begins to pound. This night is it the moment of truth. The car ride is as comfortable as could be. Again, I’m wrong there’s no way he’s this cool. We pull up to Peddler’s Village (a Christmas shopping village perfectly decorated with lights). Adam suggests we stop at the local winery to grab a drink before dinner. Sitting with my first glass of red wine my mind is going in circles. Normal conversation is happening and I can’t keep my mind focused. “Are you guys ready to head over to dinner?” Adam says as he finishes his wine. My heart drops. Would the walk to dinner be it? We slowly get closer to the Christmas light display. “If this is going to happen, it’s going to be now” I think.

Every step we take passing the Christmas light display I’m waiting for a sign. All of the sudden, Barry, Taylor (the couple we were with) and Adam all get in line with me towards the back. “Let’s take a picture by this tree it’s so pretty!” said Taylor. This was it! Taylor never asks for pictures. My heart is beating out of my chest as I take their picture with shaking hands. “Okay, our turn” says Adam as he pulls me into a beautifully lit arch way. “Alright here we go!” he says as he drops to one knee. “Will you marry me?” Adam says with a large grin.  “Yes, of course!” I say shaking from all the nerves. Following the proposal, Adam set up a dinner AND a surprise party back at my house with my family and friends. Thank God I was right about his proposal that weekend. If not, I convinced myself I was going crazy!


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