Newly Engaged? Here’s 3 Steps to Start Planning!

Congratulations, you said yes! I’m sure the beginning of your engagement is nothing but magical. Friends, family, and loved ones surround you with warm wishes along with excitement for this next special chapter. This time of being on cloud nine is truly memorable. After the first two weeks from the proposal, reality begins to set in and you realize it’s time to plan your wedding (Ah! Did those words really come out of your mouth?) There are SO many mixed feelings. Where do I even start? There are a few first steps you should take to get yourself organized and on track. 

Create a Binder: If you’re anything like me, you’ve envisioned what your wedding would look like before the question was even asked (we’re all guilty, don’t worry!) Now is the perfect time to collect your thoughts and ideas that inspire you by creating a binder. Go through magazines, print out pictures, venue, and vender ideas to keep all in one place. This hard copy will come in handy especially when sharing your vision with others. I also suggest creating an online inspiration board on Pinterest to save anything you find online quickly. Having both a hard and digital copy will make your vision easily come to life.

Pick Your Theme: Looking through your mood boards and wedding binder will direct you to deciding on your theme. This is typically a compilation of colors, ambiance, and the season you want to have your wedding in. Some examples are a beach theme, country theme, rustic theme and so on. Mine was a rose gold and rustic theme to match my engagement ring color and the fall season. Once you have a solid vision of your theme, it will be much easier to choose colors for your save the dates, invites, flowers, and wedding decorations.

Wedding Budget: Now the fun part comes… well maybe not. Even though funding the wedding can bring some anxiety, it’s so important to do this early on. First, start by talking to your partner to decide on what you’re able to contribute together. Once you know what you’re able to give, talk to both sides of your family about how they are willing to contribute. If one side of the family isn’t able to give as much as they’d like, talk to them about helping in other ways. Instead of a monetary contribution, you can give them an important task to manage that will save you a ton of time. Also, keep in mind the more guests you invite the bigger the budget will have to be.


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