Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

You have a theme in mind along with a rough estimate of your guest list, now it’s time to look for your venue. Enjoy this process, it’s very exciting! The location of your wedding will impact many factors and it’s important to consider different perspectives before making your final decision. Here are some key points to remember during your search!

Location: Your location is everything! This will determine how many people attend and the overall experience for your guests. First, talk about your ideal location with your fiancé. Then, look at your guest list and decide where most people are coming from. Keep in mind the possibility of hotels, transportation to the venue, and airfare if you’re planning to have your wedding far away. Also, your venders and your wedding décor will also have to get to the venue. Don’t feel limited by the distance, just keep these logistics in mind so you can start planning early on.

Indoor/Outdoor: In between seasons like spring and fall often present the option to have your wedding outside. Outdoor weddings are romantic and take full advantage of nature’s beautiful ambiance. Tent rentals along with a set up and break down crew make this idea possible in all weather conditions and range anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000. Ask your venue prospects during your visits about their indoor/outdoor capabilities. Ideally, booking a venue that offers both will provide you with a great plan b option if you don’t want to use a tent. Also, pay attention to details like parking and the walk to the venue. If it’s cold or rainy, this can have a negative impact on the guest experience.

Venders and Catering: Some venues are all inclusive meaning they only allow you to work with their preferred list of venders. Be very transparent about your expectations in this area up front. If you are set on using all of your own venders, make this clear in the visit and have this conversation before signing any contracts. When using your own venders, set up a visit with them at the venue so they can see the space before the day of and properly prepare.

Be Attentive and Read Reviews: Do your own research and read reviews from other couples who were married at the venues you are looking into. This insight will give you a clear picture of what to expect the day of. During your time at the venue, pay close attention to how the employees interact with each other and the overall vibe of the space. The ambiance of your location plays such a big role in your guest experience and you want to get this right. Also, ask if there will be any construction or renovations between now and the date of your wedding. This is a red flag if any work is being done too close to your wedding date.


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