Wedding Vendors Made Easy

Choosing the right vendors can be difficult and may seem like an overwhelming process. From flowers, to food, and music, there are so many options which makes choosing vendors even more challenging. Naturally, you may feel overwhelmed, however, there are ways to organize this process into a manageable time of decision making. Remember, this time will go fast so enjoy the process and have fun!

Who should I even consider: An easy way to start this process is by asking your venue if they have a preferred vendor list they recommend. Using a vendor who worked in the space prior will cut out the leg work of explaining the layout and bringing someone new in to tour the venue. They will have a sense of confidence of what looks best, where food can be served, and will be able to provide suggestions based off their own experiences.

Utilize your network: Before reaching out to vendors you’ve never met before, think about connections and relationships you already have. These connections may be able to offer you a friends/family rate. By having an existing relationship, this vender will also be committed to providing the best service possible. There is a level of trust that already exists which takes away from the uncertainty of bringing someone unknown onboard.

Pay close attention to reviews: Take a look on The Knot for vendor reviews from other brides and grooms who used their services in the past. This is very important to look into before booking a vendor you don’t already know. Many vendors have contracts they have you to sign before moving forward with them. Do your homework to make sure they are reliable, show up on time, and will follow through with the level of work promised.


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